Assignment Agreement: a New Addition Under the Ambit of Protected “Investment” in Investment Arbitration

In this article the author attempts to argue for the recognition of assignment agreement as a protected “investment” in investor-state arbitration through first, demonstrating the fulfilment of the Salini test to meet objective requirements of “investment”; and subsequently, highlighting the fulfilment of subjective requirements of “investment”.


Making a case for Micro-investment disputes in the ICSID Convention

In this blogpost, Parth Tyagi (3rd yr- NLIU Bhopal) and Achyutam Bhatnagar (3rd yr- NLUO) discuss how micro-investment disputes have been regularly denied access to the ICSID's jurisdiction. This post projects the importance of rejecting the Salini test (a test that has constantly been relied upon by ICSID to establish investment) and widening the ambit of the ICSID's jurisdiction to help in the development and promotion of ICSID's foundational values.