Founding Editors

RMLNLU Arbitration Law Blog was founded in 2018 by a small group of members of the Society for Excellence in Arbitration Law. The editorial board of the blog for the maiden 2019-20 session was:

                                                  FOUNDING EDITORS (2019-20)

Class of 2020

  1. Harsh Singh
  2. Kishan Gupta
  3. Nitansha Nema
  4. Rashika Bajpai
  5. Shubhangi Agarwal

Class of 2021

  1. Ayushi Tiwari
  2. Parimal Kashyap

Class of 2022

  1. Gaurav Kumar

The editors were assisted by our submission co-ordinatorsRamachandran Balachandaran and Sandeep Chaudhary in the publication of guest submissions to the blog.