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Can an Arbitral Tribunal Grant Interim Relief Against Third Parties?

In this post, the author seeks to challenge the rationale adopted by the Delhi High Court in the case of Blue Coast Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd. v. Blue Coast Hotels Ltd by examining the expansion of powers of the arbitral tribunal to grant interim reliefs under Section 17 pursuant to the 2015 Amendment to the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996.

Hero v. Inox: Indian Court Rekindles the Ghost of “Inter-Connected” Agreements

In this post, authors seek to examine the reasoning forwarded in Hero Wind Energy Private Ltd. v. Inox Renewables Limited on the question of court's jurisdiction to grant interim measures post constitution of the arbitral tribunal in context of inter-connected agreements and take a comparative approach in analyzing the decision with reference to other arbitration friendly jurisdictions.

Public Interest in International Commercial Arbitration: Time for English Courts to Align with Esso?

This piece by Abhinav Gupta seeks to highlight the failure of English courts to determine a clear cut and precise position as to whether an exception of public interest can justify the breach of confidentiality. He also presents some solutions for appropriate disclosure of information in public interest.